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IGTs Slotto Slots

Slotto slots are manufactured by IGT, and are based on a lottery theme. As you probably know, many people who like to bet at casinos also like to play the state lottery. For this reason, Slotto slots have become quite popular. After all, it brings together two of the most popular games for thousands of people: slot machines and the lottery.

Slotto Slot Machine Variations

There are three different types of Slotto slots that you can play: Double Diamond Slotto slots, Popcorn Slotto slot machines, and Triple Stars Slotto slots. Although each game has its similarities, and each one offers many benefits, there are some differences as well.

Slotto Slot Machines

With Double Diamond Slotto slots you are playing for the chance to win a jackpot of 100,000 coins. Of course, the chance to hit the jackpot does not come free or risk. The maximum bet that you can place is 180 coins. With that being said, Slotto slots accept several different coin denominations. This makes it possible for you to bet anywhere from $1.80 all the way up to $1,800. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of guts to bet $1,800 on one pull of the lever. But if you hit it big, the jackpot is sure to pay you back all your money plus much more.

The other two types of Slotto slots are similar in style and game play to Double Diamond. Once you catch onto one type of Slotto slot machine, you should not have any problems doing the same with the others.

All in all, Slotto slots are full of fun and excitement. They are perfect for those who love slot machines, and of course, those who love to play the lottery.

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Slots Guy Tip #1

Always join the players club. Immediately you will get lower rates on rooms and discounts on buffets. Plus, when you stick your players club card into the machine, the casino can track you play and comp you rooms, meals and shows based upon your play. The casinos want you to visit them, by joining the players club you give them the chance to send you freebies and incentives in the mail.