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Kiss Slots

As you probably know, many slot machines are based on famous
people, television shows, and much more. One of the latest additions to the slot machine industry is a slots machine based off of the famous rock group, Kiss. For many years Kiss has been rocking the stage, and providing great music to anybody who is willing to listen. Now, anytime that you walk into a casino you may have the ability to play slot machines that are based on this group. Talk about a great time!

Kiss Slot Machine Popularity

Progressive Gaming International Corporation is responsible for bringing Kiss slots to the slot machine industry. Although this is not the first musical act to have a slot machine devoted to them, it is definitely one of the most popular. When it comes down to it, Kiss has been and always will be known for their face paint, great music, and much more. When a player sees the word Kiss on a slot machine, they are surely going to want to get involved.

Kiss Slots Payouts

Kiss slot machines have a lot to offer. In addition to the fun factor, these Kiss Slot Machine machines offer the chance to win big jackpots. If you are willing to bet the maximum amount of coins, you will have the potential to win tens of thousands of dollars or more with Kiss slots.

Although Kiss slot machines have not been around for a long time, just about two years, they have already carved out a large following. Many gamblers head straight for the Kiss slot machines upon walking into the casino. In addition to being great looking machines, those that bear the face of Kiss also offer a lot of fun and potential profits. All of these features are sure to make Kiss slots very popular as time goes on.

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Slots Guy Tip #1

Always join the players club. Immediately you will get lower rates on rooms and discounts on buffets. Plus, when you stick your players club card into the machine, the casino can track you play and comp you rooms, meals and shows based upon your play. The casinos want you to visit them, by joining the players club you give them the chance to send you freebies and incentives in the mail.