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The goal of this page is to help these searchers find the answers they're looking for faster by providing a little more emphasis for these gambling questions and answers. Consider this a gambling FAQ. Most of the answers will be pithy, and many will include links to other pages and other websites.

Where do I download Aristocrat slots or Aristocrat slot machines? Where can I play an Aristocrat slot machine in Las Vegas?

Aristocrat SlotsAristocrat Gaming produces over 90% of the slot machine games found in Australia. (They have different names for slot machines in Australia, in fact. One of our visitors found us searching for "Aristocrat poker machine".Some of the more popular and more famous Aristocrat slots include the following:

Popular Aristocrat Games and Aristocrat Gaming Machines

  • Queen of the Nile slots (The Aristocrat Queen of the Nile slot machine game is the most popular game they produce - it's available in 3 line, 9 line, and 20 line versions.)
  • Dolphin Treasure slots
  • ReelPower slots (aka Aristocrat Reel Power)
  • 50 Lions slots
  • Lady Luck slots
  • Penguin Pays slots

You can find a complete profile and information about the Aristocrat slot machine company and games here: Aristocrat slot machines. To the best of my knowledge, no Aristocrat slot machine is available to download online. The closest thing to an online Aristocrat slot game online would be found at Golden Casino in the form of their Cleopatra slot machine, which was clearly inspired by the Queen of the Nile slots game. Worth checking out, for sure. Another game that's pretty similar to an Aristocrat game online is Penguin Power, which has a similar theme to Penguin Pays.

Most Las Vegas casinos carry at least a few "Aristocrat poker machines".  And we suggest that people who want to buy an Aristocrat slot machine might check eBay. (That would be a good place to find an Aristocrat slot machine manual, if you're looking for one of those.) And if you want to find out about new Aristocrat slot machines, the best place to check would be their official website.

Where are the best slots in Las Vegas? How do I find slot machines in Las Vegas?  How much can you win on slot machines in Las Vegas?

Best Las Vegas SlotsAll kinds of people are looking for the "best slots in Las Vegas". They phrase it differently though, depending on what they think are the best slot machines. People search for stuff like:

  • What's the largest slots casino in Las Vegas?
  • Who has the largest number of slot machines in Las Vegas?
  • What are the number of slots in Las Vegas casinos?
  • Where can I find Jeopardy slots in Las Vegas?
  • Where are the high dollar slots in Las Vegas?
  • Where are the five dollar slots in Las Vegas?
  • What are the best nickel slots in Las Vegas?
  • Where are the best penny slots in  Las Vegas?
  • What are the best free slot offers in Vegas?
  • What penny slot machines are at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?
  • What slot games are at the Monte Carlo, Las Vegas?
  • Which slots should I play at Harrahs Las Vegas?
  • Who has the best quarter slots in Las Vegas?

Not all of these requests are phrased in the form of a question either. Sometimes folks just search for short phrases, like:

  • Las Vegas slot machine directory
  • Las Vegas slot machine locations
  • Las Vegas slot machine reviews (or Las Vegas slots reviews)
  • New slot machines at the Wynn in Las Vegas
  • Newest slot machines in Las Vegas casinos
  • Nickel slot casino locations Las Vegas
  • Wynn Las Vegas list of slot machines
  • Wynn Las Vegas penny slots

I'm still working on this page, so I'll be back with answers to almost all of these questions later today. (This page is a work in progress, so I'll be working on it constantly for a long time...)

What's the largest slots casino in Las Vegas? Who has the largest number of slot machines in Las Vegas?

I don't actually know which casino has the most slot machines, but I'm reasonably sure that the biggest casino in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand, which has almost 6000 guest rooms and almost 3000 slot machines to choose from.

What are the number of slots in Las Vegas casinos? How many slot machines are there in Vegas?

I've seen at least one estimate of just under 200,000 slot machines in Las Vegas. But I don't know that anyone has an exact number that's really reliable. New casinos are opening constantly, it seems, and existing casinos change the number of gaming machines on the floor as often as they want to also. The 200,000 number I found seems low, but it's possible that this is the correct number. (Shooter lives in a small town of about 20,000 people, so Vegas has 10 slot machines for every person in his hometown. So maybe that IS a lot.)

Is there a list of slot machines at the Wynn Casino? Does the Wynn Casino offer penny slots?

According to the Casino City website, the Wynn Casino offers 45 different penny slot machines. (Out of 1972 total slot machines.) Most of the slot machines at the Wynn Casino are multi denomination slots, but the Wynn does offer dollar slots, five dollar slots, nickel slots, and quarter slots. They even have some high roller slot machines that I wouldn't be willing to pay, with their five $500 a spin slot machines. I'm unable to find a Wynn Casino slot machine list, but I know they do offer Megabucks. My guess is you'll easily be able to find just about any slot machine you like there.

Where are the nickel slot locations in Las Vegas?

Just about every casino in Las Vegas offers nickel slots, so go have fun and visit a lot of them. If you're really into the low stakes gambling thing, check out my favorite casino in Vegas. It's the smallest casino on the Las Vegas strip, and it's called "Slots-A-Fun Casino". It's located right by Circus Circus casino, and it's owned and operated by the MGM Mirage. The place is always unbelievably busy because they offer the lowest betting limits on the Vegas strip: 50 cent roulette, $2 craps, $1 blackjack, and of course, lots of penny slots. And the food is dirt cheap there too: $1 margaritas, 99 cent hot dogs, $1.25 imported beer, and free coffee and donuts early in the morning.

Where can I find Jeopardy slots in Las Vegas?

Jeopardy slots can be found just about anywhere in Las Vegas now. It IS one of the most popular slot machines in the world. Jeopardy slot machines are progressive slots in the tradition of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine game, and it comes from the same manufacturer, IGT.  The maximum wager is $2.25 per spin.

What are some other great gambling sites on the Internet?

I can definitely recommend Top Five Poker Rooms, if you're looking for a place to play online poker. You might also look at the other sites link in the right hand menu of this page, which includes a link to our recommended sites page. Another cool site with a similar theme to this one is Slot Machine Strategy, which offers information about "slot machine secrets" and offers slots tips.

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