Three Spin Boogie Slots Strategy Page Added

Hey everyone!

In response to some of the emails I have been receiving, I have started to post a few of my favorite slots strategies and also a few from some of my friends. The latest addition is the three spin boogie slots strategy. Granted, this is not a complicated strategy. However, it’s beauty is in it’s simplicity.

This is a strategy that I will often play when I am on a bad losing streak and am just totally frustrated. Many time when this happens, I will just leave and come back another day and hope for better luck. But, sometimes the wife will be winning and not want to leave. Or, Hal will have met me up at Choctaw and we have not been there very long. Either way, I won’t be leaving any time soon, so why not try a different slots strategy that keeps me moving and takes a lot of the monotony out of the evening?

You have probably guessed how the strategy is applied. Spin a slot machine three times and then move on to the next one – win or lose – you move on. As surprising as it might seem, I have had some really good nights playing the three spin boogie slots strategy. And every time it has come after I was on a bad losing streak, which is what caused me to start playing the strategy in the first place. At the very least, I will not lose a lot of money into a single machine. When I do this while on a losing streak, it really pisses me off. And, that is not a recipe for having a good time. Not to mention, it kinda puts a damper on the mood of everyone else. Nobody wants to be around, much less gamble with, someone is in a sorry ass mood due to losing.

So, if you are in a bad spot and you are either losing or you’re suffering from slot machine boredom, then give the three spin boogie slots strategy a try. Maybe it will turn your night around.

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