Rick Breaks Even at Windstar

The night before last my friend Rick went up to Windstar World Casino just across the red river into Oklahoma. Rick lives in the DFW area, as do I. My wife and I (and Hal) almost always go up to Choctaw as it is an easier drive for us. And it is a little bit closer forus than Windstar. But for Rick, Windstar is only 50 minute away as he lives closer to Fort Worth than Dallas. It would take him about two hours to get to Choctaw.

Rick tells me he likes to play the Double Freedom Reels slots games just outside the poker room. Since he is also a poker player, I guess it stands to reason he would play whatever game is closest to the entrance. However, he tells me he really like the game and has won a fair amount of money playing it. I have to be honest with you, it is not my favorite game. It just never seems to pay off for me. But, the wife won somewhere around $1,600 playing a $2 Double Freedom Reels machine in high limit area at Choctaw in an evening that saw her clear 7 grand. She has hit a number of other decent payoffs playing the game over the past couple of years. So, there you go. Pays off for her and not for me. Go figure. Anyway, for whatever reason we all have our favorite games and this is one of Rick’s.

So, Rick starts out playing poker and wins about $200. He soon gets tired of the cards and heads out into the casino. This time he bypasses his favorite game and sits down at a $2 Polar High Roller. This is a game that Hal typically wins at. Rick manages to hit $360 twice and then the play flattens out. So he cashes out and finds a $1 Mr. Money Bag game. Things do not go well for him now. Very quickly he is down $300 and is looking for a different slot to play.

Now, true to form, he heads for the old standby, a $1 Double Freedom Reels. Unfortunately Rick gives back all of the rest of his winnings to this machine. Ok, I can hear the groaning….”why didn’t he cash out at least up $100 and left a winner for the evening?” Maybe he should have. But, I try not criticize other players. You have done this before and so have I. Besides, we don’t know what his strategy for slot play is. And it is not like he was up $5 grand and then left empty handed.

This brings up another interesting topic. Rick has a different way of playing these red screen VGT slot games than does Hal. As does my other friend Mike and a gentleman who emailed me the other day to explain his strategy. Rick and I talked briefly about his strategy, but I am not yet clear on it. Perhaps one day I will list these various red screen slot strategies and highlight their similarities, their differences and pros and cons.

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