Linda wins $800 on Hot Red Ruby Slots

Last night my me, my wife and her friend Linda went up to Choctaw casino to try our luck on the slots again. Linda is an old college friend of my wife’s. Several times we made plans to go to Choctaw together, but, she had kid issues and was unable to make it. So, we were glad she was finally able to get the husband to babysit and accompany us to the casino. Continue reading

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Harrahs Cherokee

Last weekend, my wife and I had a chance to visit Harrahs Cherokee. This casino is located in the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. It is also situated in the Smokey Mountains just outside of Smokey Mountains National Park.
The surrounding landscape is jaw dropping beautiful. During our trip we were lucky enough to catch the local foliage in all of its’ fall glory. The Blue Ridge Parkway, which dead ends at the Smokey Mountain National Forest, extends all the way to Virginia. It is listed as one of the top 10 drives in the country. I whole heartedly agree. The beauty of the leaves as they turn, the vivid colors and fantastic views cannot be rivaled. You must certainly put this on your bucket list. Continue reading

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The Slotsguy Wins $700 at Choctaw

The wife and I went to Choctaw on Friday evening with my good friend Jerry. Hal also met us up there. Jerry has a slots strategy he calls the Three Spin Boogie. I will post this strategy for the rest of you to review in the next few days. Continue reading

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Hal Does It Again! Wins $10K

I know, I can’t believe it either. But, the guy is on a roll. Friday, me and the wife took a friend of mine, Jerry, up to Choctaw Casino to meet Hal. We left Dallas about 6:15 and got to Choctaw about 7:30. The place was already busy. As we were waiting for Hal, we decided to play for a while.
Continue reading

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Heading to Choctaw Tonight to Play Some Slots!

Me and the wife and a friend of mine are going to head up there about 5:30. Hal is going to meet us up there around 7:30. We plan on eating as many crabs legs as we can and having a great night on the slots! One interesting thing Hal told me today. He is convinced that the 25 cent, 50 cent and $2 machines pay out better than the $1 slots.
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Hal Wins $23,278 on Star Spangled Sevens Slots

I did not believe him and he showed me the IRS Form W-2G. Hal went up to Choctaw Wednesday evening. Spur of the moment thing, he says. I gave him a hard time for not calling me as the wife and I would have met him up there. Hal put $100 into a $2 Star Spangled Sevens slots game, on of those on the carousel towards the back in the old section of the casino by the players club.
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The Slotsguy Turns $20 into $800

The wife and I went up to Choctaw last night. Really was not as crowded as I thought it would be, considering it was a holiday and all. I have seen it busier on evenings when their is a popular concert. We arrived there about 5:00 p.m. I tried playing Mr Money Bags slots and Hot Red Ruby slots, but man I was having a tough night. Down $260 and not even one red screen spin after an hour of play! Never have I had it so bad.

So, I decided that this was not my night and that I was done. I went to find my wife and watch her play. She was down about 4300 herself when I found her playing a Secrets of the Forest slots game. As soon as I got there, she won some free spins and from there things went really well for her. I can never win anything on that machine. But, last night my lovely wife won $600 playing it.
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New Amendment Could Allow Internet Poker in the Bay State

A member of the Massachusetts legislature has filed a bill that would allow for internet poker to be played in the state. It came in an amendment to a bill that is currently under consideration that is related to the expansion of land-based casinos in the state.

Dan Winslow, a Republican, isn’t necessarily trying to open up full-scale online gambling in the state, but is indeed proposing that Massachusetts permits players from outside of its own borders to participate, which is different than some of the proposals in other states concerning games that are played over the internet.

Winslow believes that what he has proposed is consistent with what is in the bill, but that doesn’t mean everybody agrees with that. The treasurer of the state, for example, has called it a violation of federal law. No doubt that won’t be the end of the resistance. People could attack it on two fronts: (1) the interstate aspect, and (2) the fact that it is online.

If Winslow is successful in getting his proposal attached, and the bill passes, there could be internet poker in the state as early as next July.

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German State Breaks Off To Pass Online Gambling Legislation

It’s something of a new day in German online gambling, now that one of its states has approved legislation that would regulate the industry, and it is seen to have a stabilizing effect, as well as one that will help the competitive atmosphere.

To this point, there had been no form of regulation, so companies who were pulling in German customers were not paying any tax. However, the state of Schleswig-Holstein will permit any company to enter the market and pay a 20% tax.

There are fifteen other German states, though, and they want more. The European Commission is looking at those proposals as they have been identified (by those within the industry) as being rather oppressive.

That is why the Schleswig-Holstein action has been welcomed. The state had been willing to go along with the other states and have one unified piece of legislation, but as it turns out, that was not possible.

The games of blackjack, baccarat and roulette would not be allowed under the new legislation. Everything else, including sportsbooks, poker, and betting exchanges (like Betfair, for example) are permitted.

People in the industry are waiting to see what the effect of the maverick action of this single German state is going to be. It is quite possible that the other states will go along with the model established by Schleswig-Holstein in order to be competitive, and the EU’s influence should have a bearing on it as well.

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European Companies Set Sights on U.S. Gaming Partnerships

In advance of legalization of online gambling, which they expect could happen in the near future, a couple of publicly-traded overseas gaming companies are in the process of partnering up with gaming interests that have operated in the U.S.

Two of the most notable are Bwin and William Hill, who have pointed primarily toward Europeans. The U.S. market is obviously very coveted, and the companies see a little “softening” in the attitude on the regulatory front, even in the wake of the shutdown of a number of gaming websites earlier in the year, which included the seizure of domains by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bwin is reportedly in deep conversations with a companies that operate in three states – New Jersey, California and Florida – that they hope will soon pave the way for legal online gambling. William Hill has already bought a couple of small land-based operations. One must assume that Bwin is talking to land-based casino companies as well, since any campaigns in individual states to legalize online business would likely requite the companies to be licensed specifically in that state.

This also reaffirms the suspicion that any legislation that would be passed by Congress would likely lean favorably toward companies that already exist in the U.S. and conduct so-called “physical” gaming operations, over brands who have operated online and have pointed toward the U.S. Those companies, even those that have suffered from domain seizures, still have something valuable to deal, as they already have existing customer lists and active accounts with U.S. players.

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