Hal wins $20,000 on Elvis King of Coin Slots

Last Sunday I was out of town traveling and Hal went up to Choctaw without me.  He called me Monday morning that he had won a couple of $1,200 jackpots, a $1,400 jackpot and a $2,000 jackpot.  He won these playing his favorite slot machine, Star Spangled Sevens and Hot Red Ruby.  These are both VGT red screen machines.

Then on the way out, he decided to stop in the high stakes area and put $150 into the Elvis King of Coin slot machine next to men’s bathroom.  Hal said he had two or three spins where he won nothing and then boom!  It just rolled up Elvis, Elvis, Elvis.  No red screen.

This is the first time I have ever heard of that happening.  In every other instance I have heard of someone winning the highest jackpot a red screen machine can pay, the go thru 4, 5 or six spins before the machine comes up triples.

Congratulations to you Hal, you lucky bastard.  And yes, when I went over to visit him later in the week and he showed me the IRS Form W-2G.  That is the second time that machine has paid out $20,000 lately.  A few months ago Hal told me he watched an older women hit the jackpot while he waited to get on that machine.

We all have out favorite machines that we like to play.  That particular slot machine has paid me a fair share of winnings in the past couple of years as well. I can remember one evening I put in $20 and half an hour later I cashed out $800!

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