Hal hits jackpot on $2 Star Spangled Sevens Slots

Lucky Bastard! Those were my first two words to Hal after he told me he had won the jackpot on a $2 Star Spangled Sevens slots machine at Choctaw casino on Sunday afternoon. Of course I am happy for the guy. He is one of my best friends. But, this is getting to be ridiculous. My wife can’t believe it either. $23,600.00 is what he told me he won on four red screen spins that ended up with him winning the jackpot. Hal told me he was playing a $2 machine on the carousel right in front of the players club in the old casino at Choctaw. This marks the second time he has hit the jackpot on the $2 Star Spangled Sevens on that carousel.

By now I am sure that some of you are starting to doubt Hal’s claims as to the amounts won and the frequency of his winnings. I would be a doubter too, but, he shows me the IRS tickets (Forms W-2G) when he wins. So, I know they are legit. What he does not tell me, of course, is how much money he is putting thru the machines to win like he does. This is true with almost all gamblers. They only tell you what they win. Having played with Hal on numerous occasions, I can tell you that the guy gambles some serious coin. His bankroll dwarfs mine, to be sure.

Alright smart guy, you say. How the hell does he win like that then? He still plays the way I laid out in my slots strategies page. There you will find a link to Hal’s VGT Red Screen Slots Strategy. Hal plays is pretty much the same way – only now he takes a much larger bankroll with him when he does go to the casino. And, he plays the $2 slots a lot more often. He thinks they pay off better. I tend to agree with him. At least a Choctaw.

Congratulations to Hal! Wish it had been me.

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